For three generations members of the Ceretto family have transformed the fruit of the Langhe’s vineyards into wines that speak

of the regions identity. 

Reverence for this land has passed from Riccardo, who blended fruit from the region’s best vineyards, to Bruno and Marcello,

who purchased Langhe vineyards and began bottling single crus, and finally to Alessandro, who is taking the winery into the 21st century by using natural methods to foster vines that are stronger, healthier, and more in balance with their environment.

The Ceretto family has always been committed to producing the most expressive and authentic wines their land can yield.

The family owns four wine estates in the Langhe, each devoted to the production of specific wines and each named for its geographic location: Bricco Rocche, Bricco Asili, Monsordo- Bernardina and Vignaioli di Santo Stefano.  

The vineyards are cared accordingly to organic farming principles, which avoid over-use of natural resources, excluding the use of synthetic chemical substances (fertilisers, herbicides, insecticides), following a model of sustainable development for nature and for mankind, that can last over time. 

All our vineyards (160 hectares in total) have been converted, since 2010 to today, into organic farming.

A revolutionary choice that has radically changed the management methods of the vineyards, aimed at more respect for the soil, the grapes and mankind. In 2016 we obtained Certification (relating to the 2015 vintage) and the first organic wines have been bottled.

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