Beijing Taste | 3 days with the winemakers

November 5, 2017

Our team got reunited in Beijing with three very well esteemed winemakers: Alberto Tasca from Sicily, Federico Ceretto from Piedmont and Dominik Huber from Priorat.


Between one tasting and another we experienced traditional Chinese food, Beijing and its culture by sitting down at  different tables with well known masters of wines. As Chinese people say 入乡随俗 (When in Rome do as the romans do).



Day one: experiencing one of the best Chinese restaurants in BJ, 大董 with the founder and CEO of EnjoyGourmet and journalist from Shanghai Daily, John H Isacs. We shared delicious chinese food cooked in a modern and innovative way, combining original ingredients with brand new flavours and artistic presentation, all together with our wines.



For dinner we had a completely different experience at the best restaurant in Beijing, Xinrongji. We literally dived into Chinese culture and manners, guided by the CCTV Director and owner Mr. Shi Jian. He made us tasting two out of three of the best kind of 白酒 (so called chinese wine) paired with top quality food. He arranged for us two types of bands, the first one a string quartet and the second one composed of two musicians playing traditional instruments and ancient music. An incredible full immersion in Chinese culture .



To finish our culinary journey, we had lunch with Fongyee Walker, the first Master of Wine in China. She is doing an amazing job, educating people to approach wine in a professional but fun and pure way, by letting them falling in love with this interesting world.






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