Two grapes in love since 1984

February 8, 2018

This is a love story, one of those stories you dream of.



She comes from Sicily. She is not an ordinary girl, not like any other. Elegance is her thing. She is attractive without showing off, vibrant in a reductive way, interesting and seductive.



He has been travelling all around the world since forever. Definitely a brilliant guy, totally a latin lover, always able to charm the crowd with his magic scent. He comes from a big family, like those families you got relatives everywhere in the world…more or less.


One day, he happened to land in Sicily. He was supposed to stay just a few days. As soon as he got there, he realised few days weren’t enough, and he just stopped, dipping himself in that reality. Simply falling in love with the land; and as it happens with people when they are in love, he made the best of him out there. And suddenly he fell in love all over again. One day, out of the blue, he met this woman. Stunningly different from all the beauties he saw before (and he saw a lot while being a traveller). But this one… determined and elegant at the same time, she took his heart.


And the story is simple: how lovely Inzolia and Sauvignon Tasca fell in love in Sicilian vineyards.

The result is Nozze D’oro (Golden Wedding), a wine dedicated by the Count Giuseppe Tasca to his wife Franca to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary, an occasion to remember that love is forever.



The couple were residing in the still existing Regaleali Estate, between 375 hectares of vineyards that climb and fall over rolling hills, gently kissed by the sunlight, alternated with olive trees and fields of grain. Imagine a mix of vivid colours and soft shadows dancing in front of your eyes, the earthy smell filling your lungs.

This is a place of seduction, passion and romance were the promises are renewed.



The blend changes slightly every year but like a fortunate relationship knows how to be youthfully fresh and with rich complexity in time. Never tired, only different. The dedication remains constant “To my wife Franca, with immense love”.


Perhaps most intriguing is the fact that the wine is made from two aromatic grape varieties that are atypically used for aging, but Nozze d’Oro has proven to stand more than 20 years of aging. Inzolia and Sauvignon meet to give structure and fullness the first, aromatic notes and acidity the second.





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