80 years of Argiolas

September 27, 2018

Experience the tradition


What if, suddenly, you would travel back in time to 80 years ago, finding yourself in the green countryside of Sardinia, right at the centre of the Mediterranean Sea, surrounded by olive groves and infinite rows of vineyards? Or maybe it is not a dream ...


This September, to celebrate its 80th anniversary, Argiolas Winery recreates the atmosphere of their first harvest of 1938s to give the opportunity to experience and share the joy of the moment as it was, breathing new life into ancient traditions.


Step back into the 30s


Eighty years ago, in what has always been a land of farmers, olive groves and vineyards, Argiolas Winery was born. The patriarch founder Antonio Argiolas chose to give rise to a long history.

A story of passion, dedication, work and love for the land of Sardinia; a story that has gone through three generations, until today. Planting row after row, vineyard after vineyard, the family has always been seeking for quality along with method.


Antonio revolutionizes the panorama of the island's viticulture of that period.

When in 1938 he takes over his father's farm, he intends to grow and take care of his vineyards differently, in order to give value to indigenous grapes. 

Precisely in 1980, during the years of the Community incentives for the extraction of vines, together with his sons Franco and Giuseppe, he decides to go against the current, investing and aiming to produce great quality wines. He replaces the old systems with the most traditional ones, selecting and focusing on the native grapes of Sardinia, abandoning the production of bulk wines to establish its own label that will be eventually one of the Italy's best. 


The love for his land, his roots, the ancient history that dates back to the Nuragic civilization, but also innovation, experimentation and continuous research.

The result of embracing this dynamic approach together with respecting the island's viticultural heritage is the production of Italian iconic wines which changed forever the misconception of Sardinia by enhancing its potentiality.

September 1938, we are in Serdiana, inland of Cagliari, one of the most fertile areas of the Region. It’s harvest time, two oxen led by a farmer pulling a wagon through the rows, on the cart a big vat full with freshly picked grapes, which will then be carried in the yard and pressed by women and children by feet. The harvest day ends with a large convivial dinner in the vineyards.

It feels like a being in a rural painting.


In past times, the vineyard in the peasant family has always occupied a prominent place.

It was followed, carefully, throughout the seasons by pruning, tying and bending of branches, soil hoeing, topping and protection of grapes. The time to yield the fruits of a year’s work was the harvest: the whole family arrived on the ox cart with stairs, baskets and shears to collect the grapes.


Everything, from picking to carrying, was done by hands. However, the most entertaining moment of the harvest came the day after, when the grapes were placed in a long container, a sort of wooden chest open at the top, to be crushed.

Crushing was done by feet, getting into the container to press the grapes, feeling beneath the feet the splitting of the grapes splashing against the walls and wallowing endlessly in a fragrant liquid, climbing the chest, placed about a meter from the ground, with a hole to let the must escape and then collected with a bucket. The liquid was then poured into fermentation tanks for usually a week, depending on the type of grapes and the area of production to be collected in barrels.

To round off the day, all the people were celebrating together with a convivial dinner around a long table in a lively atmosphere. 



To celebrate 80 years of traditions, Argiolas Winery organised a collective manual grape harvest:

a unique experience that reproduces the atmosphere that marked the early years of its history.

A moment to be shared during the most eagerly awaited day of the year just as it was in 1938.



September 28th - Friday Harvest Party

Enjoy the oId times atmosphere with our traditional harvest party. As the sun begins to go down, the exclusive dinner will be set between the rows of grape vines.


September 29th - Saturday in the village

Begin with the winery tour and the old times atmosphere continues after at the village party where music, dances, food and wine wiII accompany us during this very special evening together. 






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80 years of Argiolas

September 27, 2018

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