The story of Tasca d'Almerita is that of a family who has dedicated their lives to supporting the knowledge and power of nature for eight generations. 

Dating back to the 19thcentury, it was Count Giuseppe Tasca who started a new era for the winery and the Sicilian wine business in the late 1950s, devoting himself to the promotion of Sicilian wines and introducing a new business model based on quality and innovation rather than quantity and bulk production. He invented the winery’s two flagship wines: Rosso del Conte and Nozze d’Oro. 

The main focus for Tasca is the sustainability as the key for innovation to the entire system. 

Creating SOStain in 2010, a project of green viticulture to reduce the impact of all company activity on the territory’s resources. 

It is based on scientific, measurable, and verifiable indicators. Certification is granted only to the wine producers who meet the strict minimum requirements which include the calculation of VIVA indicators, the sustainability program promoted by the Italian Ministry of the Environment and Protection of Land and Sea of Italy.

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