Producing its first vintage in 2001, Terroir al límit focuses on the old vines around the village of Torroja, with 24 acres of land reaching altitudes of 800 m above sea level. 

The philosophy of the Estate is to capture the character of the terroir by minimizing the effect of winemaking to least processing and natural handling of the grapes. The vines are farmed biodynamically, harvested earlier than most

and fermented with native yeasts. 

Today the winery is run by Dominik Huber who, together with his team, vinifies the local grapes into high-quality, straightforward Cuvées, with a sustainable approach by focusing carefully on the care and maintenance of the soil and vines. 

The aim of Terroir al límit is the fostering of wines of infusion rather than extraction, thereby emphasizing elegance rather than the typical heaviness of the Priorat. To encourage transparency in the wines, the farming is fully organic and strictly manual, harvesting by hand in the cool, earyl hours of the morning. 

Wine has to be made from healthy, vital grapes without any manipulation or additives, with no other purpose than that of expressing the authentic emotion and true character of the place.

Real wine has the ability to reconnect us with the soil, with the earth, to help us become part of the mystery of life.

More than Wine.

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